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Reap The Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

As a new kid on the block, or an enterprise that believes traditional marketing is the way to go, it can be a challenge to improve brand awareness. It’s about time you consider a “new” marketing strategy to boost traffic to your site. There’s a hype around Social Media Marketing for a reason. Your loyal customers know who you are, but that’s not enough. Arc Media can help you extend your reach with the tried and tested alternative that everyone “likes”.

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Social media marketing gets the thumbs-up!

In 2014 Hubspot stated that  80% of marketers saw a boost in traffic to their websites, while 98% perceived social media marketing as a valuable tool for their businesses. According to Social Media Examiner, although 97% of marketers use social media tools, 85% of are uncertain which tools are best to use.

 10 things Social Media Marketing do for you:

#1  Spread the word

Back in the day the easiest way to spread news was by word of mouth. Consider social media marketing as electronic word of mouth. If your content is available in a reliable place, it is shared and distributed naturally through websites, social networks, instant messages and news feeds. Curate quality content in an effort to influence earned media and keep them coming back for more.

#2 Demand a following

Social media takes advantage of the domino effect, for each person that follows you, there are at least a handful of new customers with access to the same content, ready to jump on the bandwagon. One great post could be the difference between reaching 1000+ new people and products collecting dust on a shelf. A share or mention is worth more than its weight in gold, it promotes repeat exposure of your content.

#3 Connect with customers

Your business is just a building or a service until you are perceived as a voice. Social media takes advantage of the humanisation element. Once a brands acts like people do, it is easier to connect with an audience. When you develop an online presence that encourages interaction, the walls dissolve and the audience is willing to engage. Connecting with customers develops brand loyalty. Place a personal spin on your content to promote interaction and develop your brand’s voice.

#4 Build brand authority and brand loyalty

Now that you’ve reeled them in, how do you keep them? Social media can serve as a great tool to develop familiarity for existing customers. This tool can also keep customers abreast with new developments. As you build a following of loyal fans you can also promote brand visibility. Become a visible authority as you interact with major influencers on social media networks.

#5 Create opportunities for conversion and increase conversion rate

Each time someone likes a post or tags you in an image, you create a new opportunity to convert. As you build a following, you have greater access to customers old and new. Every reaction has the potential to lead to a site visit and therefore the possibility of a conversion. Remember that opportunity is the first element of action.

#6 Gauge customer experience and expectations

Your wall or page serves as a communication channel. Customers will express how they feel about your business in every social interaction. Social media is the platform that provides them with the largest audience. Something as simple as responding to comment publicly, demonstrates your level of customer service and what lengths you’ll go to to keep them happy.  Social media also gives you the opportunity to gather consumer information, analyze customers comments, questions and concerns instantly.

#7 Improve customer insights through social listening

Social media is a tool that can help you assess what the word on the street is. If you want to know what people think about your brand, your company, your products or services, simply keep an eye on the social media tools you’re using. Online content associated with your business should be aligned with the interests of your audience, but do not limit your content to appeal solely to those who are familiar with your brand. Social media is a great testing ground; note which topics generate the most interest and produce more of it to keep people interested.

#8 Increase inbound traffic

Traffic is content driven. When someone is searching for keywords you’re currently ranked for your online presence serves as the path leading back to your site. Content is easily distributed through referrals, generating more exposure for your business. Each consumer that follows your social pages is just a click away from opening your webpage; give users reasons to click through to your site.

#9 Improve SEO rankings

As you update content with optimized title tags, meta descriptions and links you actively improve your social media presence. Being active on social media improves brand credibility and thus increases the possibility of ranking higher.

#10 Decrease marketing costs

When you have no social media presence, each person using Twitter, Facebook, G+ or  Instagram potentially becomes “the one that got away”. Traditional marketing can be expensive, if it is the only way you are reaching customers. Extend your customer base by improving your presence and automatically cut costs.

There you have it. Can you go another day without a social media presence? You can’t afford to! Still feeling lost, let Arc Media activate your digital content. There’s no time like the present, make a move towards embracing social media. Don’t give your competitors the edge, get in on the game. Contact us at for any questions, enquiries or if you’d like to get started with one of our personalized social media programs.

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